A Hotel Specializing In Training Sessions

Support for Every Aspect
of Training Sessions

This is a hotel that offers hospitality, while prioritizing the success
of its guests’ training sessions in every aspect of the services and environment provided.

The Tokyo Bay Area Has
Excellent Access
to Sightseeing Spots in Tokyo

The location is convenient, as it is provides easy access to major hubs,
such as Tokyo Station and Haneda Airport, and sightseeing spots.

Have a relax
A Comfortable Space
Where You Can Relax

The lobby lounge, which has a gentle ambiance, is designed to allow everybody to relax.There is also a complimentary café corner that is available at all times.

Why Guests Choose
Hotel Fukuracia Harumi
What We Do
Hospitality of a
Top-Class Hotel

The front desk is available 24 hours a day. The guest rooms provide relaxing spaces with attention to details regarding the layout and materials of the furniture and fixtures. Also, we pursue the highest level of satisfaction through meals for training sessions and cuisine for social gatherings that are prepared by our hotel chefs.

People Gather Together
and Spend Time Productively.

People can gather together and spend time productively in a stylish space that has been designed with furniture that has a gentle wood-grain finish by a spirited designer.

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